L Water Fall


David Langlois - Director / Consultant

David Langlois obtained a Diploma of Applied Chemistry in 1967. He has also successfully completed the Quality Society of Australia Environmental Audit Workshops, Modules 1 and 2.

Prior to 1984 he has spent nineteen years in industry in Tasmania and overseas where he was occupied with supervision of production, design of chemical plant, environmental management, monitoring and analytical work. In conjunction with the CSIRO he has authored two papers on metal contamination of shellfish and finfish which have been published in International Journals.

Since 1984 he has been self-employed as an Environmental Consultant and has continued to accumulate experience in industrial analytical and environmental chemistry. He also has experience in odour control, marine surveys and effluent re-use and irrigation systems.

Stephen Langlois - Director / Consultant

Stephen Langlois has completed a Bachelor of Environmental Technology degree from the Engineering Faculty at Deakin University.

His engineering background includes experience in the design, installation and programming of PLC’s and automation equipment. He also has accumulated significant experience in gas analysis and other aspects of the company's operation.

Stephen has been responsible for preparing a number of atmospheric dispersion models for both existing and proposed industrial operations. He has also performed the custom programming to produce a soil dryness index model which can calculate storage and irrigation requirements for wastewater reuse schemes.

Anne E. Langlois - Director / Administrator

Anne Langlois has many years of experience in office adminstration in a number of different fields, and ensures that the business is kept running smoothly.