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Stack Sunset Gas Concentration Chart Steam from Treatement Pond Pipe Outfall

Fields of Expertise

Stack Testing, Air and Gas Analysis

Our company has carried out analysis of stack emissions, process gas, workplace atmospheres and ambient or background atmosphere measurements and odour, for more than thirty Tasmanian companies. Other activities include the design of scrubbing systems and ventilation equipment for the metallurgical industry and the design and completion of comprehensive ambient dust surveys.

Modelling and other Calculations

The following types of work have often been performed for customers during the preparation of development proposals. Ausplume, Calpuff & TAPM dispersion modelling of atmospheric emissions. Calculations of combustion and process gas composition and volume, the results of which are required for modelling calculations.

Other related work has included mass balances and heat exchange calculations, also measurements and calculations for industrial ventilation, scrubbing systems, combustion efficiency, energy requirements etc.

National Pollution Inventory

At the implementation of this inventory calculations of atmospheric emissions were carried out for a number of companies. Several have retained this service on an annual basis.

Effluent Treatment

Design and operation of pilot plants to demonstrate process improvements, monitoring and management of effluent treatment plants.

Calculations for Effluent Disposal by Irrigation

Using historical daily weather records and the soil dryness index method, storage volumes and required land areas can be calculated for a variety of operating conditions. The computer model takes into account variations in evapotranspiration with changes in soil moisture. Depending on availability of weather data, peak storage requirements during the proceeding thirty years can be estimated for an irrigation system.

Solid Waste Disposal

Solid waste disposal site design, management and monitoring.

Environmental Management

Preparation of environmental management plans, impact statements, development proposals and environmental improvement programs. Retained on a continuous basis by a number of companies to supervise or assist with environmental aspects of their operations.

Several environmental audits have been completed.