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LEC Environmental (formerly Langlois Environmental Consultants) have experience in stack emission testing in over thirty industries in Tasmania, and are also engaged in effluent treatment, effluent disposal, and environmental management. Using specialised equipment and thorough knowledge of process engineering as well as cutting edge technology we have the necessary tools to assess and provide solutions for environmental issues.

What we do:

  • Analysis of stack emissions, process gas, workplace atmospheres and ambient or background atmosphere measurements;
  • Modelling of atmospheric emissions using TAPM, Calpuff and Ausplume as well as other calculations for industrial applications including scrubbing systems, combustion efficiency and energy requirements;
  • National Pollution Inventory (NPI) calculations;
  • Design, operations and management of effluent treatment plants;
  • Calculations for effluent disposal by irrigation;
  • Solid waste disposal site design;
  • Environmental management plans, development, improvement and impact statements.

Being a Tasmanian based and run company, LEC Environmental are pleased to work with local industries to create a better, cleaner Tasmania.